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INDIAN TRAIL, N.C., (April 2010) – It’s spring and time to tune up the tools! Liquid Wrench, best known for its specialty line of penetrants and lubricants aimed to make things work better, announces its dedication to helping Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYers) prepare the garage and home for the onset of spring. The industry pioneer is offering a full line of powerful products and arming homeowners with the educational tools for getting the job done right.

“DIYers spend a lot of time trying to get the job done right, knowing there’s not one tool that can solve every problem,” said Aaron Martin, director of marketing for Liquid Wrench. “What many don’t realize is that there is no one lubricant or penetrant to solve all springtime jobs and that, often times, using the wrong product can result in damage, failure and added expense. Our newly reformulated line of six powerful products provides DIYers with the tools they need and, with our new packaging and social media applications, the knowledge to get it right the first time.”

Liquid Wrench’s Six Product Line-up Each Solve a Specific Problem
•Newly reformulated Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil is ideal for removing garden hose nozzles after being left in the yard during a cold winter, as well as removing stuck spark plugs on weed eaters or chainsaws. Unlike alternative products, this new formula has a low odor and will not eat paint off vehicles, even while cutting through grease and rust. It’s also ideal for locks, hinges, clamps, corroded pipe joints, and metal mechanisms.

•New, anti-sling formula, Liquid Wrench Chain Lube, works best on high performance bicycle and garage door opener chains for long term corrosion protection. Additionally, Chain Lube extends the life and reduces noise on wire cables, O-ring and standard chain, motorcycle chains, ATVs, chain drive equipment, or any drives without self-contained lubrication.

•Liquid Wrench Lubricating Oil removes rust and leaves protection on gardening tools such as hedge clippers, hedge trimmers, hammers and trowels. It is great for stopping squeaks and loosening stuck parts on garage door hinges and bolts. It’s also ideal for drying out engines, spark plugs, coils, switches, wiring, and exterior locks and hinges.

•Liquid Wrench Silicone Spray provides a slick coating on lawn mower decks to keep the grass from sticking and on wheelbarrows to keep dirt or concrete off after hauling. It’s also great for use on shovels for easier cleaning after being in the dirt. Additional uses include other garden equipment, sporting equipment and garage door tracks.

•Liquid Wrench White Lithium Grease is best used on car hood hinges, trailer receiver hitches and hitch balls to keep from sticking; reducing wear and providing protection from the elements. It’s also ideal for all-weather applications and can be used on boats, lawn tractors, industrial equipment and farm implements.

•Reducing the buildup of residue, dust and dirt, Liquid Wrench Dry Lubricant is ideal for children’s bicycle chains, toolbox drawer slides, folding knives and vinyl window tracks. Safe for indoor use, this application can also be used on interior door hinges, sliding doors, cabinet hardware, closet rollers, bi-fold door pivots and locks.

Become a Pro Around the Home: Consumer Education Campaign
With the tools raring to go for spring cleaning and yard work, Liquid Wrench enables consumers to learn the right solution afforded by each of the six products through a targeted consumer education campaign. New Liquid Wrench packaging features an industry first - a special mobile text code on each can. Consumers can enter the code into their handheld mobile device for instant feedback while shopping, specifying the right Liquid Wrench product for their needs – alleviating the need of hunting down a store clerk.

“Liquid Wrench has the distinctive ability to deliver real time product information via the industry’s first mobile texting application,” said Martin. “We want to simplify the learning process for our consumers so they can tackle projects in and around the home quickly and efficiently and enjoy what springtime has to offer.”

In addition, the new campaign illustrates product uses across multiple social platforms, including a new Web site (, how-to videos, a Facebook fan page, Twitter presence and YouTube channel.

Homeowners also can visit and access the “Solution Finder” feature, which lets users type in their challenge and instantly receive advice on which Liquid Wrench product is the best use for the job. Need a visual? Liquid Wrench how-to videos are available on the company’s home page, YouTube ( and on sites including VideoJug, Daily Motion and Veoh. Additionally, consumers can ask real time questions via Twitter (@liquidwrench) and receive practical knowledge and timely updates via the brand’s Facebook fan page.

Liquid Wrench products are available in 11 oz. cans and retail for $5.00 or less at retail locations nationwide. For a full list of retailers, visit

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